Genre-blending composer and musician, Katya Sourikova takes it one step further through her new collaboration with dance artist Victoria McConnell called Angels + Satellites. 


Premiered on February 27 &28, 2019 at Uferstudios in Berlin, this live music and dance installation integrates Sourikova’s contemporary classical music, with McConnell’s movement into a set designed by Maxim Chernykh with projection made in collaboration with James Prineas and Michael Avery. 


Angels + Satellites is a musical and physical reaction to spiritual heavenly bodies and those which are man made. It examines human fascination with the spiritual and the supernatural as well as our desire for knowledge and progress. Developed through questions such as “Can angels and satellites coexist in modern thought?” or have we exchanged worship of angels (or organized religion) for veneration of technology?” Angel+Satellites presents an abstract exploration of how seeming opposites react and possibly coexist. 


A musical reimagining of her 2010 album of the same name, Angels + Satellites has been freshly arranged for piano, trumpet and violin and will be performed live by Sourikova on piano, trumpet by Mattias Lindermayr, and violin by Roman Mints. Developing choreography to integrate with music and set, McConnell brings her collaborative experience to the installation-style performance. Adding the final layer, Sourikova and McConnell worked with filmmaker James Prineas and production designer Michael Avery on visuals and project. 

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